HjemNettavisMannsdagen 2021 på YouTube

Mannsdagen 2021 på YouTube

Vi legger ut videoer fra Mannsdagen i Oslo etter hvert som de blir ferdige:

Professor William Fabricius (US) – About; “Shared parenting and gender equality research”

The European Council, represented by; Francoise Hetto-Gaasch – “Advocates that equal shared parenting is the best for the children”

Professor Hans Bonde (DK) – “Has Gender Balance replaced the Gender Equality Goal?”

Kenn Jepsen (DK) – “Do the Nordic authorities impede fathers parenting after divorce?”

Guttorm Grundt (NO) – “From Patriarchy to Matriarchy?”

Professor Eivind Meland (NO) – Interview with Professor William Fabricius (US)