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International Men’s Day Conference Oslo 2019

Konferansen ble avholdt med stort oppmøte og mange spennede talere



International Men’s Day Conference Oslo 19th of November 2019

Organized by Men’s Forum Norway.

International Men’s Day Conference Oslo 2019 / Den internasjonale Mannsdagen 2019


The main background for the conference are the great changes in men and womens life- and gender equality challenges during the last 50 years. The strong, one-eyed and continuous female focus has concurrently contributed to an undervaluation and under-communication of boys, men and fathers
life- and gender equality challenges in families and society.
The main purpose of the conference is to highlight boys, men and fathers life- and gender equality challenges in today’s society. Many boys and young men grow up today with a negative self-image in a
female dominated adolescence without a father at home, and/or without positive male role-models in kindergarten and schools. Boys and young men dominate the statistics over underachievers and
drop-outs in school, drug addicts, violence, unemployed, mentally disabled and suicides.

The main contents of the conference are talks and discourses by Nordic and international capacities who will highlight the challenges of boys-, men and fathers from different angles and standpoints.
The keynote speaker is the well known American family counselling expert, political scientist and author Warren Farrel, PhD, who will give a lecture about the big boy crises and gender challenges in the USA and the western world, as treated in his latest book «The Boy Crisis», and what it takes to reduce the impact and repair the inflicted male generations.

The controversial Canadian blogger and Men’s Rights Advocate Karen Straughan will go to one of the main roots of boys and young mens gender equality challenges today.

The leader of the Danish Fathers Association and World Fathers Jesper Lohse will present the worlds first gender equality catalogue for children and fathers.

The Danish politician and spokesman for men’s issues Simon Simonsen will explain why the political parties need a spokesman for men’s issues.

The Norwegian psychiatrist and author Dag Furuholmen will highlight the prevailing myths of men and fathers privileges.

The political scientist Asle Toje will focus on the lost boys and the legacy of state feminism.

The speakers will subsequently join in a panel discussion with the floor with possibilities for questions and answers.

After the debate the winners of the Norwegian Mens Forum’s Man-, Women and Gender equality Awards will be presented and honored. After the conference there will be a presentation of the controversial American documentary film: «The Red Pill», by Cassie Jay, with interviews with representatives from both women and mens gender activist organizations in the USA, and her reflections on the changes in her own sympathies in favor of men and fathers.

The conference is open and free, thanks to economic support from the Norwegian Children, Youth and Family Directorate (BUFDIR) and the Norwegian foundation Free Speech to the organizer Norwegian MannsForum (Mens Forum).


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Register and coffee
Welcome to Oslo! The Green Capital of Europe, v/Arne Børke, Leader MannsForum
Welcome to Gender Equality Champion Norway, v/Norwegian politician Jan Bøhler
The Boy Crisis and Gender Challenges in USA and the Western World v/ Warren Farrell, Family Therapist, Author and Political Scientist, USA
Boys and Mens Gender Equality challenges and strategies in Canada, v/ Karen Straughan, gender politics Vlogger and Men’s Rights Advocate.
The World’s First Gender Equality Catalog for Children and Fathers v/ Jesper Lohse, World Parents Organization
Lunch, Exhibition, mingling
Are the Myths about Boys, Men and Fathers privileges true? Results from a Norwegian Survey. v/Dag Furuholmen, Psychiatrist and Author of: «Man, Myths, Lies and Truth»
Do the political Parties need Spokespersons for Mens issues, just like they already have for Women? v/ politician Simon Simonsen (Denmark)
Panel discussion: How to reduce Gender Conflict and create a positive Climate for Gender Equality and Equity for Boys, Men and Fathers in our Societies? Participants: The Speakers + Matts Hertsberg, Chairman PappaBarn, Sweden
Ceremony of MannsForums Man- and Woman Awards in 2019
The Lost Boys & the Legacy of State Feminism v/ Asle Toje, Political Scientist.
Closing of official conference.
Gender cultural event: «The Red Pill»; Cassie Jay’s film on gender equality and relations challenges, USA
Speakers Corner Event on Men’s and Fathers Issues on Eidsvoll square in front of the Norwegian Parliament, followed by social mealing and mingling.